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Instrumented Impact Testing System

Instrumented Impact System Includes

  • Data acquisition/control (DAC) computer/flat panel monitor/keyboard/and mouse
  • Strain gage amplifier inside DAC computer
  • High speed 12 bit data acquisition board inside DAC computer which allows any number of data points
  • per test up to 1,000,000 (50,000 points are adequate for most tests)
  • Remote balance and shunt calibration of striker from the DAC front panel
  • Site license for Windows XP based ImpactTM v 5.0 data acquisition and analysis software
  • Users manual and online computer help
  • Data acquisition computer with 12 bit fast acquisition board, encoder board, encoder hardware, and strain gage amplifier. The amplifier provides auto-balance, amplifier range selection, and shunt calibration for periodic calibration checking. The amplifier is capable of a wide range of amplification settings for the research environment needs.

Data acquisition screen for test conducted on a pendulum impact machine. The voltage-time data are displayed along with the test parameters.


Instrumented Impact Testing Striker (One of the striker is with the machine)

  • 8.0mm radius instrumented striker, ASTM E 23
  • 2.0mm radius instrumented striker, ISO183

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