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Impact Tester of Non-metal material


This non-metal material impact testing machine is to determine the impact toughness of plastic, glass steel, plastic pipe, strong nylon, china, clay rock, anti-electric materials.
They can do Charpy, Izod, tensile impact, Charpy & Izod, Charpy &Izod& tensile impact tester by different anvils and pendulums as the standards of ASTM D 256-90 Meth. A, ASTM D 256-97 Meth.B, ASTM D 256-97, ASTM D 6110-97, ASTM D 5942-96 ASTM D 1822, ASTM D 4812, DIN 53753, DIN 53453, DIN 51222, DIN 53448, ISO 180, ISO 179, ISO 8256, BS 2782 Part.3 Meth. 350, BS 2782 Part. 3 Meth. 359. BS 7413, AFNOR T51-111, UNI 6323, UNI 6062, GB/T1043, GB1843.
Pendulum can carry out the full range of impact tests. A complete full range of fully interchangeable hammers and vises allows the operator to perform Charpy, Izod and Tensile impact test at different impact velocities and energies.


Span of the grips for Charpy: 40mm, 60mm
Pre-elevation: 160°

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